Here are a few thing that will help you prepare better for your wedding day:

IAs you know Yair Haim Photography does not do may posed photographs on your wedding day. However I feel that this is important to have some casually posed images of the bride and groom with their close family and friends on the wedding day. In order to make this process less time-consuming and confusing for everyone involved it would be great if you could help in the selection of your formal groupings.

  • Forward wedding timeline to  all vendors including phone numbers and addresses for the day.
  • Breakdown of your ceremony and traditions (in their order).
  • Get a “Sheep Herder” – to help gather people during the family portraits.
  • Make a list of important family portraits that you must have (approx. 10 portraits).
  • Please inform me in case of any family divorce or other in the family to prevent awkward moments.

** Weddings are very dynamic and constantly changing. Please DO NOT provide a list of images to capture during the reception as this will restrict my ability to document naturally occurring moments and will tie me to a checklist during that time.

Please provide or make sure to verify the following:
  • List of details, gifts and decorations (I want to make sure I document all your wedding details).
  • Make sure all jewelry, wedding bands, shoes, dress, perfume, etc.. are with the bride and ready for pictures.
  • Get a nice hanger for your wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses (it will be great for pictures)
  • Add accessories to take pictures with (umbrella, fan, gloves, long vail, etc..) – Whatever you want!!
  • Check locations permits and availability for photo-shoot prior to the wedding date.
  • Deliver church rules – Usually special guidelines (no flash, restricted areas, etc..).
  • Check the weather and have plan B for pictures locations.
  • Check for special events near your ceremony and reception area (for traffic).
  • If using limo or other transportation services make sure they can get to all locations.

The most important is to remember to have fun on your wedding day! You will remember this wonderful day for the rest of your life! I’m here to help you in every way I can so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need any help.

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