They met in high school when Tara was 14 and Bryan was 15. They had one date at that age but for some reason they weren’t interested in having a relationship at that time. It wasn’t until three years later that Tara realized that Bryan was a great guy and they started dating again. Their first date was 9 years ago on the 4th of July, they have been together ever since.

About six months before Bryan proposed, Bryan asked Tara what types of rings she liked so that he could start saving up to buy it sometime in the future. They had talked about getting married but both were still very young, so Tara thought Bryan would wait a couple more years before asking. Tara had fallen in love with a ring that she had tried on but thought it was way over his budget, so she never expected him to get it. They were on a family vacation in Maui when Bryan proposed. He had said that he wanted to change his pants because he didn’t want to get cold and Tara started thinking that it was very strange because it was about 85 degrees out. They went for a walk along the beach and then they sat down and were just talking about how beautiful it was. Then next thing, Bryan reached down into his sock (this is why he changed out of his shorts and sandals) and pulled out the ring that Tara had picked out six months ago. Tara was so surprised and didn’t expect it at all. Bryan had been planning to ask Tara all along and Tara’s whole family knew as well. It was the perfect proposal.

Tara and Bryan’s engagement session and story has been published on (Click here to check it out)

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