It is not often that as a photographer I get so many great locations for one photo-shoot.

Dom and Chris met through a mutual friend in 2005 and spent a few years getting to know each other as friends. They had a lot of common interests so they always had something fun to do together, like going to concerts, amusement parks, and going canoeing. It wasn’t until Spring of 2008, when Chris invited Dom to go to the Philadelphia Film Festival with a group of friends, that they had ever even considered their friendship to be anything more than platonic. To their surprise, however, there was magic (and an open bar) in store that night. They spent the next few weeks and months spending a lot more time together and really getting to know one another. That winter, at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, Dom told Chris for the first time that he loves him and the feeling was mutual.

I had a great opportunity to take amazing pictures for Dominic and Christopher at Warner Bros studios in Los Angeles. Their amazing story of how they meet and the proposal has been published, you can read all about that on (or Click Here)

Here you can see just a small teaser from an AMAZING engagement shoot:

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