Josh and Naomi’s adventure began just a little over a year ago in April of 2014. They met in a non-traditional way through online dating. While at first Naomi was hesitant to go on a date with a total stranger, she eventually succumbed to Josh’s advances. Their first date lasted over 5 hours and they both knew that they had something special. On their one-year anniversary Josh decorated the apartment with candles, chocolate and wine and surprised Naomi with a proposal. Needless to say she said yes!

Below you can see some of the pictures from Naomi and Josh’s engagement at Kenneth Hahn park:

Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-2 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-3 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-6 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-17 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-7 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-18 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-4 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-5 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-14 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-8 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-13 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-9 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-10 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-12 Kenneth-Hahn-engagement-pictures-11Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer | Email: | (310) 993-1561