When was the last time you saved a life??? When was the last time you saw a dog or a cat lonely on the streets???

If you can – YES only if you can try to Save A Life !!!

I want to share my own Save A Life story:
About 7 months ago I was on my way home after meeting with a client. I remember I had to give my wife Kerry a ride back home with me. Few minutes after I picked up my wife we went on the highway to drive back to our home when suddenly Kerry screamed at me STOP!! STOP THE CAR!! I got scared so I stopped immediately. I saw in the middle of the lane there was this little black and white kitten sitting in the middle of the lane (frozen from fear). Every car that passed was a miracle for this little cat. Of course after I stopped the car Kerry jumped like crazy and pulled him from the middle of the road and put him in our car. The poor kitten was so skinny and a little smelly to be honest ;-) actually the first time we saw him he was so dirty he was grey and black. I never had a cat before and we didn’t really know what we  were going to do with him.

Well the next few days he was hiding in the bathroom and didn’t want to go out. I’ll never forget the first time he went out that was the moment we knew he was part of our family – He had the saddest eyes that I’ve ever seen before. It’s been 7 months and he is a part of our family now, we named him Roadi.

I hope our little story will inspire even one person to Save A Life.

Yair Haim