Engagement session usually take approx. 1.5 hours before sunset (exact time would be scheduled 2 weeks prior to the session). Arriving on time is crucial because I schedule the session based on natural light condition.

2nd outfit is an option, please consider where to change and how long it will take.

Feel free to bring accessories/props for the shoot, also don’t hesitate to contact me for consultation regarding this.

Pets are welcome to join, please make sure to bring a friend to help when we are not shooting with your pet. * Please check in advanced if the location allow pets.

Location permits / fees are your responsibility, I will be happy to assist you find great location that doesn’t require permit or fee.


(Click the tabs to see the guide to photography of every aspect of your wedding)

Photography time needed: Minimum 1Hr.

  • Make sure all the jewelry in the room with the bride
    (wedding shoes, wedding dress, vail, both wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, neckless, perfume, etc.)
  • Have a nice hanger for your dress (wooden or custom) – see sample – click here
  • *Optional: Have a nice ring box – see example – click here
  • Have 2 sets of invitation
  • If possible: ask your florist for a flower arrangement for the stationary photos
  • Ensure makeup artist on site for details shots
  • Groom accessories: cuff links, watch, etc.
  • If you are getting ready in a hotel try to book rooms closer (different floors)
  • Have a contact person with the bride and groom in room and provide phone number
  • Forward ceremony program (if you have one)
  • If it’s a church wedding – ask them to provide their photography guideline
  • Optional: ask your officiant to request guests not to take photos during ceremony
  • Ask officiant to step aside after pronouncing you married (to have a clean shot of the first kiss)
  • Please inform if you are planning a “special exit”

Photography time needed: Minimum 45 min  |  Best/Ideal time: 1.5-2 hours before sunset

Additional Photography time (sunset photos): 10-15 min

  • There’s no need to provide a shot list!
  • If you are doing first look – coordinate with the florist to have the bouquet with you before the first look
  • Bride: have one of the bridesmaids with you to help you walk around
  • If you have specific locations (around the venue) that you like then let me know before
  • Ensure we are permitted to take photographs in all the locations you choose (including the venues)

Photography time needed:

Family portraits – Depends on the amount of people

Wedding party photos: approx. 30 min

  • Please provide a family shot list before final timeline been approve
  • Have “sheep herders” from each side of the family to help gather the family
  • Make sure that we have enough time in the timeline,I will let you know how long it should take  based on your list

Tip: You can add a note to the invitation for the family members that will join you for the family formals to inform them that they will be a part of the family portraits and to stay seated after ceremony.

Time needed: approx. 15 min to take the reception details shots (before guests entered / seated the reception area)

* Let me know if you are planning to be present during cocktail hour.

  • Notify regarding special engrave on knives, champagne cups,
  • Inform me of any special/choreograph dances are going to be (first dance, father daughter, mother son)
  • Let me know about any surprises for the guests
  • Best time for the couple photos (bride & groom) is during the 2 hours before sunset
  • Emergency kit – makeup, hair spray, Advil, etc.

My preferred vendors

Bianca / La Reverié Events

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Email: biancasyevents@gmail.com
Website:  www.lareverieevents.com

Kaci / XOXO weddings
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Website:  www.xoxowed.com

Leora / Best Bride
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Brittany Renee
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Rita Tischier
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Lacey Maxwell
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Rebecca Chung / Blossom Floral
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