Jessica and Wes met in Glen Ridge, New Jersey in 2007 at a party thrown by one of Jessica’s sorority sisters. From the moment that Wes first laid eyes on Jessica he knew there was something different about her. With Jessica attending Pepperdine in Los Angeles in the Fall, the couple embraced the experience, thinking it to be just a summer romance. Against their nature they let their guard down, opened up to one another and soon found they were falling in love… Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things they ever had to do. Knowing just how unique Jessica was, Wes made a decision and called her while she was driving to Los Angeles to see if there was any way to make this work. Jessica agreed this was something special and agreed to give it a chance. After nearly a year of long distance, hours of phone and video chat, and thousands spent on air travel, Wes moved to LA. The rest, as they say, is history ;-)

Below you can get a small glimpse into their wonderful wedding at Villa Del Sol D’oro in Sierra Madre, CA – N

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