Heather and Ryan had a beautiful destination wedding in Las Vegas. I was so honored to be the one they chose to capture their great moment on their amazing wedding day.

Heather and Ryan started officially dating June 5th, 2001 and have been inseparable ever since. Although they both attended the same High School for a period of time, Ryan and Heather  didn’t formally meet until working at PlayCo toys together. To this day, Coach Lindberg is to thank for that. Lindberg was one of Ryan’s football coach’s at the time and a good friend and teacher to Heather. He referred Heather to go work at PlayCo. So young, wild, and free, the two met and became attracted immediately.

Ryan and Heather were going to Florida for 2 weeks! While waiting for their flight, they had a few margaritas (Heather had never seen Ryan drink so fast)! It was a red-eye so all Heather wanted to do was go to sleep when they got on the plane but Ryan wouldn’t let her!! He kept waiting for the bathroom sign to come off and once it did….he booked it??? She saw this as her chance to SLEEP finally. Just then, she heard a voice over the PA (thinking the pilot was making his shpeal), but then it became familiar once she heard him say,…”we’ve been together 7 years now and I want to make you my wife. Everyone turn aisle so and so…” Heather had no clue which aisle she was on so she was looking around and realized it was her aisle! She start shaking the woman next to her to wake up thinking she’s getting proposed to and the next thing she knew…Ryan is on his knee with the ring! All she kept saying was “OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!” Until finally, she said, “Yes!” Ryan being super shy, he really went out of his comfort zone. She had no idea. The stuartist gave them a bottle of champaigne to celebrate and then of course, she didn’t sleep the whole night. It was the sweetest proposal she could have ever imagined.

Please enjoy a small collection of photos from their amazing wedding in Las Vegas:

Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-1 Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-2 Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-3 Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-11Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-12Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-4Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-5Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-6Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-7Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-8Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-9Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-10 Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-13 Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-14 Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-15 Destination-wedding-photography-Las-Vegas-NV-16

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