Victor and Rachel met through an online dating site. Victor first messaged Rachel, hoping that his “creative” message about being the best at everything would peak Rachel’s interest and elicit a response. Little did he know that his “creative” message was one of the most normal and genuine messages that Rachel received while on the dating site. So, naturally she responded! After a handful of messages, Victor and Rachel met in person at a local Los Angeles coffee shop. Upon first seeing Rachel, Victor knew that he had found the girl of his dreams. And, Rachel knew that she had found a very special, genuinely good-hearted and happy person who shared similar morals, values and viewpoints (she was REALLY impressed with Victor’s happiness and positivity)! After approximately one year of dates and adventures, Victor proposed to Rachel on a hike in Malibu. She said yes!

As lovers of nature and the ocean, this beautiful El Matador beach in Malibu CA was the ideal location to capture Victor and Rachel’s passion for one another :)

El-Matador-beach-Malibu-engagement-photos-yair-haim-photography El-Matador-beach-Malibu-engagement-photos-yair-haim-photography-7 El-Matador-beach-Malibu-engagement-photos-yair-haim-photography-6 El-Matador-beach-Malibu-engagement-photos-yair-haim-photography-2 El-Matador-beach-Malibu-engagement-photos-yair-haim-photography-3 El-Matador-beach-Malibu-engagement-photos-yair-haim-photography-4 El-Matador-beach-Malibu-engagement-photos-yair-haim-photography-5Los Angeles wedding photographer Yair Haim
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