In April this year I had the honor to photograph Kami and Tim’s destination wedding at a private resort name Las Cruces in La Paz, Baja California – Mexico. It is a beautiful place to get away and experience the authentic Mexican culture.

All the way from Santa Barbara Kami and Tim had their spectacular wedding at Las Cruces (La Paz – Mexico), very intimate, filled with their best friends and family from around the world. While I was there I learned that Tim (when he was 7 years old) pointed at the church in Las Cruces and said “I’m going to get married there some day”. It is amazing to see how after all these years Tim made it happen with his wonderful and beautiful bride Kami :)

If you’d like to see their engagement session, read the story of how they met and how Tim propose click here.

UPDATE: Kamren and Timothy’s wedding got published on Destination I do blog Click here to see their wedding on Destination I Do blog.

Here you get a glimpse off the amazing wedding of Kami and Tim:

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