Thara and Danielle met in karate class when they were 10 years old.  They spent middle school in a typical pre-pubescent, boy-girl friendship—Danielle being desperately in love with Thara, Thara teasing Danielle whenever he got the chance.  In high school, they became best friends before starting a real relationship.  After attending UC Davis together and starting careers in education and engineering, Thara proposed.  After nine wonderful years together, Thara and Danielle tied the knot on June 22, 2013.

Danielle and Thara had a wonderful wedding at the Woodland Hills Country Club. Danielle was shining with joy and love waiting to be married to her one and only Thara ;-) I was so honored when they chose me to be the one who document their wedding day! We had an amazing day with so much fun.

Below you can see some of the wedding photos from Danielle and Thara’s wedding:

Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-1-2Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-5-2Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-14 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-11 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-17Danielle-Thara-wedding-ceremony-81Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-19 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-22Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-24 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-26 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-28 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-29 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-31 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-35Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-36 Woodland-hills-country-club-wedding-photos-los-angeles-39

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