Jen and Evan met long time a go and have been friends for many years. After a long good friendship they started to date and here they are today getting ready to to become one as husband and wife. They choose Disney Concert Hall for their engagement session and after I got to know them better I can say it was a great choice for their engagement shoot. Disney Concert Hall is such an incredible location with modern architecture and beautiful landscape. I always like shooting there ;-)

Below you can get a glimpse into Jen and Evan’s engagement photo-shoot at the Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles:

Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-9 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-4 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-3 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-6 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-11 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-7 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-25 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-16 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-15 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-19 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-20 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-22 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-21 Disney-Concert-Hall-engagement-pre-wedding-photos-24

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