On April 20, 2012, Danny took Alla to their favorite secluded spot in Malibu. Alla was looking forward to a relaxing day on the beach with her longtime boyfriend, but she didn’t realize he had something much more in mind. Danny had been carrying around the ring for months, waiting for the absolute perfect moment to propose.Walking barefoot along the beach on a beautiful sunny day, holding hands with his sweetheart and watching the waves crash along the shore, he knew in his heart that this was it. He gently stopped her in her tracks, got down on one knee and finally asked her to marry him. The ring was beautiful, the moment was just right, and the man was perfect – so, of course, Alla said yes!  They were ready to embark in the journey of life together forever, knowing that having each other was the greatest blessing of all.

Below you can see some of the pictures from their fabulous wedding at the Hyatt Westlake Plaza:

Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-1 Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-5 Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-8 Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-19 Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-3 Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-12 Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-20 Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-22Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-21Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-23Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-15Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-16Jewish-wedding-Los-Angeles-wedding-photographerHyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-10Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-24Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-28Hyatt-Westlake-Plaza-wedding-photos-Yair-Haim-Photography-29Yair Haim Los Angeles based destination wedding photographer
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