Oded spotted Sharon for the first time while waiting in the airport security line on his way to Israel. Having numerous people in between them however, deterred him from actually being able to talk to her.

As fate would have it though, Sharon was actually on the same 14-hour flight with him, and was seated three rows behind him! Sadly, Oded being the shy guy that he is, was not able to muster enough courage to actually approach Sharon and talk to her.

Luckily, about a month later Oded spotted Sharon at an event and started asking his friends about her. He was finally about to approach her when he realized that she had just left! Oded didn’t want to let Sharon get away (again), so he obtained her e-mail address from a friend, and e-mailed her! A month later Oded and Sharon finally met face-to-face and the rest is history….

They had a beautiful wedding at the Intercontinental hotel in Los Angeles and here you can get a glimpse into their day:

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