Crisol and Chibueze had a wonderful wedding at The Portofino Hotel Marina in Redondo Beach. Not only was their wedding day stress-free and fun, it was amazing! The weather was perfect and the location was stunning! You could feel the love in the air coming from all the family and friends. I was so honored to be there with Crisol and Chibueze while they were becoming one as husband and wife.

Here you can see a tiny glimpse of their wedding pictures, Enjoy ;-)

The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-10 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-9 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-8 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-11 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-7 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-4 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-5 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-6 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-2 The-Portofino-Hotel-wedding-photography-3