Lorenzo and Brianne met when Brianne was 5 and Lorenzo was 3. They had an instant connection even at that young age. Fast forward about twenty years or so, Brianne had entered the world of social networking via facebook. When looking at a friends page, she saw that he was friends with Lorenzo and by looking at his profile photo – had turned out to be quite handsome.  So naturally, she added him and sent him a message saying hi and asking if he remembered her. Well, unfortunately, while he did not remember who she was, she noticed that he had a lot of photos with a friend of theirs, Jesse. Brianne mustered up the courage to reach out to Jesse and ask what the scoop was on Lorenzo and boy was he excited she asked. He thought from the start that they would be a great match for one another. He sure was right! About a week later, Jesse set up a somewhat blind double date in Santa Monica, Brianne could tell Lorenzo was pretty nervous, as was she but they had a good time getting to know each-other. Brianne must have done something right because a few days later Lorenzo called her to go out on a second date. By the 3rd date, Lorenzo decided to make it “official.” He said it would make him extremely happy to call Brianne his girlfriend. It was super sweet!

During the hectic holidays, Lorenzo was thinking about asking Brianne to be his wife but didn’t want to take away from the holiday season. So come January, he planned a mini weekend getaway to Santa Barbara where they could just relax and recoup. Brianne will say that she had a small feeling that Lorenzo could be proposing but Lorenzo is pretty good at throwing Brianne off when he wants to and he definitely did that by saying they were going to be staying with a friend. Well the day before they left for their trip, their friend was feeling ill..So, Lorenzo was able to book a beautiful bed and breakfast in the heart of Santa Barbara. Lorenzo had been chatting with the front desk manager and planning all week to set up a romance package that would include her setting up a hidden camera. While they were gone, this wonderful lady did all the setup, she was super slick! When they got back to the room, there was champagne on ice, chocolate covered strawberries and rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed with a card placed in the middle reading “Open Me.” Lorenzo asked, hmm what’s that? Maybe you should open it? While Brianne noticed it was just a plain card with a photo of the front of the hotel..and on the inside, it read: “Will You Marry Me?” In bewilderment and excitement she looked down and there’s her man on his knee holding open a beautiful mahogany box with a beautiful diamond ring it it!!! Brianne was so excited, she jumped for joy! It was so perfect and romantic. Lorenzo then showed her that there was a camera recording the whole event right behind  them! She was pretty embarrassed, but happy that the moment was captured for them to remember forever. They didn’t want to waste any more time and decided that they would get married this same year. 10 months later they have their date, cannot wait to be husband and wife and begin their lives together.

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