Jessica and Amnon met while being on a double date in 2011. Amnon was with Jessica’s friend and Jessica was with another guy. So that time they didn’t really notice each other because of the circumstances. Jessica was visiting that same friend about a month later after she had had surgery. Amnon had come over as well, but Jessica’s friend and Amnon had decided that they weren’t interested in each other. That’s when Jessica and Amnon started talking. They exchanged their phone numbers but Amnon went to Israel and when he came back Jessica and Amnon went out and instantly had a connection. Meanwhile, Jessica had plans of making Aliyah. But only after a month of dating she knew it was serious and that he could possibly be the one she wanted to marry. So she canceled her Aliyah plans and continued her relationship with Amnon, which she absolutely did not regret. They both fell in love and became inseparable. About 6 months into the relationship they talked about marriage and both knew that they wanted to be together forever but wanted to wait a bit.

New Year’s Eve 2012 came around and they booked a trip to San Diego just the 2 of them but Amnon planned a surprise that Jessica didn’t know anything about. He surprised her with a very special day in Del Mar following a hot air balloon ride. Jessica had a small suspicion that maybe he would propose but was not sure. At 6,500 feet in the air and being wrapped in Amnon’s arms looking out into the sunset, he started to say how much he loves Jessica and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She turned around and expressed the same. That is when he pulled out an engagement ring and asked “will you marry me?” Jessica said YES with all the excitement in the world. It was the most magical feeling in the world. When they got back to Los Angeles they didn’t wait at all, they started picking out dates and working out all the details. They are set to be married July 2013!

Here you can see some of the photos from their engagement session at Gardens of Paradise in Aqua Dolce CA:

Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures-6 Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures-5 Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures-7 Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures-8 Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures-3 Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures-2 Gardens-of-Paradise-engagement-photos-pictures-4