Yang and Ken met in their country (China). They were classmates at the university they attended. Both of Korean nationality they came from same culture, speak the same language and have many other things in common. They share the same hobbies (movies and music), so they became friends very naturally.

Yang and Ken started dating and felt very comfortable with each other. After graduating from university they decided to come to the US, they went to Providence RI for the first 3 years and studied there. After, they moved to the LA for 2 years. They put all of their belongings in the car and drove from RI to LA to start their new life together (it was an amazing trip). Ken proposed to Yang last year, now they are ready to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Here you can check out a glimpse from their photo-shoot at Kimberly Crest in Redlands, CA. Hope you will enjoy the pictures as I enjoyed capturing them ;-)

Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-3 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-2 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-6 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-5 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-8 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-4 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-11 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-9 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-10 Kimberly-Crest-wedding-pictures-photography-California-7Los Angeles based Destination wedding photographer Yair Haim
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