Beau and Erin became acquainted through friends in December of 2011. After only 4 short months of dates to kings games, long late night chats, and spending every waking moment together, Beau decided Erin was the one for him. On April 13, 2012, while watching a kings game at home Beau asked Erin if she would be crazy enough to spend the rest of her life with him to which she responded with a YES and a few happy tears! They’ve spent the last 2 years starting their life together in their apartment and planning a beautiful wedding that will take place on June ,7th 2014!

Here you can some some of the pictures we took at Mentryville Park in Santa Clarita, CA:

Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-2 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-1 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-3 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-5 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-4 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-6 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-8 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-7Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-10Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-9 Santa-Clarita-mentryville-engagement-photos-pico-canyon-park-11Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer | Email: | (310) 993-1561