It was about 6 years ago that Javier and Janet met at church, but it wasn’t up until January of 2012 where they began a friendship. They never really payed attention to one another as anything more than friends, until Janet’s cousin began talking to Javier about her, so pretty much she planted the seed.Javier expressed how he felt towards her, but sadly she turned him down, and twice. Javier kept fighting for her because he knew that Janet was to be his wife. That June of 2012, Javier asked Janet to be his girlfriend, and this time she said yes. Needless to say, wishes come true. From that moment they knew they wanted to spend every second of their lives together and always spoke about getting married.

One day they went to go look at rings, and Javier noticed Janet completely fell in love with a ring and she would not stop talking about it. On January 27 of 2013 after they had come home from a fun filled day in Santa Monica, something caught Janet’s eye. She saw a receipt hanging on the fridge. Immediately she knew it was the ring she had fallen in love with it, and with tears in her eyes she turned to Javier, who had no idea this was about to happen and said, “You bought me the ring I wanted??” It wasn’t exactly how Javier planned it out but it turned out to be a beautiful moment where Javier asked Janet to marry him, a night where neither of them expected it would happen that way, but it was the most perfect moment! Now, May 18th is when they will begin a wonderful journey as one. ;-)

Check out some of their engagement photos in Placerita Canyon Park in Santa Clarita:

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