Tanya & Josh met in their senior year at Calabasas High School in March 2005. They immediately hit it off and became best friends and soul mates. After high school, they decided to go away to college together in Santa Barbara California. After graduating college, Josh became a CPA and Tanya started her own business in the insurance industry. Their love for each other continued to grow and after 9 years of being together, Josh proposed in Las Vegas on Tanya’s 27th birthday. It was a day that they would never forget. They have set their wedding date for August 2014 in Calabasas, CA and I can’t wait to photograph their wonderful day ;-)

Below you can get a glimpse from their engagement photos at Malibu State Creek Park in Calabasas:

 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0001 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0012 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0014 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0009 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0016Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0005 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0008 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0010 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0011 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0013 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0002 Malibu-State-Creek-Park-engagement-photos_0004Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographer
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