In a place that nearly 10 Million people live try to find the right wedding photographer ;-)

Being a Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles can be very interesting however looking for the right photographer can also be interesting.

In Los Angeles there are many wedding photographers that offer some good work, you can browse the web for hours and find more and more photographers that have some great stuff.

So how do you pick your wedding photographer ?
  • Look at the photographers pictures, love them and love the style!
  • Meet with the photographer – make sure there is a good connection between you and him/her (if you click with your photographer you’ll feel more comfortable taking pictures with him).
  • Know what you want and make sure to pass it on to your photographer – anything that cross your mind about your wedding photos.
  • Understand all the details of your wedding photography package (you don’t want to find out you missed something).
  • Make sure that the person you meet with is the actual photographer at your wedding and not from a group of photographers.
  • Ask if he have backup equipment for the gear and the images.
  • Find out how long it take to get your wedding photos after the wedding.
  • See if he is available at your wedding day.

This is some helpful tips that couple should know when choosing a wedding photographer to document their wonderful day.

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Yair Haim
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer