I have no clue how to start this post, so I’ll just start:

A couple days ago I visited the Holocaust Museum YAD VASHEM and I can’t describe the feeling that I had while I was there. I’ve been there many times before as a child but never as a photographer, this was such a different experience for me.

As a photographer you pay attention to details more then the normal observer, for the first time I’m seeing better, I think.
I was so overwhelmed by the power of photography. I never understood the power of capturing the past and the history.
All we know from history is stuff that we can see with our own eyes, like when visiting museums and seeing the remaining’s of history. Another great way is history books that describe the history in words the last way is photos or paintings . In the museum there was a part were you could see many hate signs and these signs are a huge part of the beginning of the Holocaust. All the signs were taken by a photographer on a motorcycle who drove cross country around Germany and was amazed by all the hate that was expressed and displayed in public.
These photos were found in his attic after he past away. Today they are displayed at the YAD VASHEM Museum right at the beginning of the exhibit. Any picture that we capture can last a lifetime and be so significant without knowing we have some sort of responsibility in this word. All of us are not just photographers, anyone with a camera or even a camera phone can take pictures of everything, family, kids, friends and anything important to them. These pictures will be a vivid memory of important days of our life. In this case the photographer on the motorcycle didn’t know how important his photos would be for the world today.

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Yair Haim
Wedding and Portrait Photographer 


(Pictures were taken from Yad Vashem online gallery)