Bobby and Elva met online on eHarmony. Their first date was over drinks at the Yard House in Downtown LA. Elva and Bobby hit it off immediately. In spite of the hour long commute between them, they had a second date the following Saturday, a third date the next, then a fourth date…you get the picture. 

After a couple years of dating Elva and Bobby both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. What Elva didn’t know is that Bobby was already planning to ask her to marry him. Bobby purchased tickets to a Laker game. They planned to meet up for a drink at the Yard House where they first met. They had gone to LA Live often for other occasions, so thinking it was a normal night out, Elva thought nothing of it. When she finally arrived, they ordered their standard hot wings and beer, and within the first five minutes he dropped to one knee, popped the question in a crowd of drunk, loud Laker fans who didn’t even notice. Once the shock subsided, Elva naturally said yes. They don’t even remember the Laker game!

Bobby and Elva chose to have their photos taken in Santa Monica because it has special meaning for them – it’s where they first fell in love. Bobby lived walking distance from the promenade and the pier while they were dating. Here you can check out some of the highlights from their engagement session:

Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-2 Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-6 Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-7Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-3 Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-5 Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-8 Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-9 Santa-Monica-pier-engagement-photos-photography-4

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