Markus and Kristin’s story began with one fateful email in early March 2010. Markus was browsing in search of a “cute as all hell co-pilot to share in the awesomeness,” like his “About Me” said, when he stumbled upon Kristin’s profile. Kristin had just jumped back on a couple of days earlier, which is why her profile had never come across Markus’ search results. Since she fit into the “cute as all hell” category, Markus sat down and crafted an email in the hopes it wouldn’t disappear in the sea of emails this adorable woman would undoubtedly get on a daily basis. To his surprise, he received a response the next day. And so began the exchange of a few emails, which led to a couple of phone calls, which led to a first date at Aroma Cafe on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood.

She turned out to be even cuter in person, and Markus was instantly smitten. Soon after the first date, Kristin went on a week-long road trip to Arizona and Texas to attend a friend’s wedding, and Markus, knowing that she was also still seeing some other guy, called her every night to make sure that HE, and not the other guy, was on her mind :) His plan worked like a charm, and upon her return to Los Angeles she broke things off with “the other guy,” because she wanted to see “how things would go” with Markus.

Things went quite well. In just shy of a year, Markus and Kristin moved in together and in December of 2011, while vacationing in Bavaria, Markus asked Kristin to marry him…at sunset…in front of the Bavarian Alps…while it was snowing. Kristin, who was completely unsuspecting of the proposal up until the moment she opened the ring box (which she thought was a boxed chocolate truffle), said yes.

Markus and Kristin will be saying “I do” at their home in Los Angeles on July 13, 2013. Please enjoy a small glimpse into their engagement pictures:

Vasquez-rocks-engagement-photo Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-4 Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-11Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-7Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-RocksKristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-3Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-8Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-5 Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-10 Kristin-Markus-engagement-photos-Vasques-Rocks-2