The smell of freshly cut grass filled the air the day Kristin and Ben met. Shoe laces tied tight, and ready to kick a big red ball, neither of them anticipated finding love on the kickball field. Standing back up from putting his bag on the sideline, Ben turned around towards Kristin and introduced himself with a quick “Hi, I’m Ben”. Kristin was speechless. His baby blue eyes had captivated her and she immediately forgot her name. “Doesn’t this only happen in the movies?”, she thought to herself. Without trying to make the embarrassing lack of name retention obvious, she quickly broke Ben’s gaze and said “hi” back.

It took a good six months of friendship and flip-cup before they went on their first date, and what a beautiful first date it was. They met up at the Union Square Christmas tree in San Francisco and talked for hours. The night ended with Kristin “stealing” Ben’s scarf as he dropped her off and said goodnight.

578 days, 38 kickball games and countless amounts of laughter later… they got engaged. It started off as any typical day at the beach would… with sand, sunscreen and smiles. Little did Kristin know that as the sun began to set, Ben would get down on one knee and ask her to marry him. The beach Ben chose to propose at, Carpinteria State Beach, is near and dear to Kristin’s heart since she had been going there with her family ever since she was a little tot.

As if the engagement wasn’t enough, Ben surprised Kristin by having both of their parents and beautiful sisters waiting for them at a nearby Italian restaurant. As the wine was poured and the Italian food was passed, Ben and Kristin couldn’t have been happier about their decision.

Take a look at some of the beautiful photos of Kristin and Ben at Valencia Bridgeport:

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